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Column: Hero firefighters prove strength every day

Fire hose practice

In 12 years as a reporter, I’ve never quite felt the heat like I did Oct. 7 during a media day at the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office. I have responded to countless fires over the years to seek the truth in what occurred. During my first night at The Daily Chief-Union in 2004, a former city editor showed me the ropes when responding to an apartment fire in Upper Sandusky.

Jaws of Life demo

Jaws of Life demo

Volunteers demonstration how to use hydraulic rescue tools like Jaws of Life during last Friday’s “Feel the Heat” media day at the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office. Local fire departments are stocked with rescue tools to help on the scenes of serious crashes.

Feats of strength

Feats of strength

World-class athletes who travel the world with the Power Team visited Upper Sandusky’s Trinity Evangelical United Methodist Church on Wednesday evening. Under the direction of president Todd Keene, the team kicked off the week during which they will visit 17 schools, including the Carey, Mohawk and Upper Sandusky school districts, to share an anti-bullying message.

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