Harness slate set for Wyandot County Fair

Harness racing at the Wyandot County Fair is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in the grandstand. Six races are slated for Wednesday and seven for Thursday.

Race 1 (2-year-old colt pace): 1. Buckeye Dreamer (Jeff Smith, Smith); 2. Friskie Adam (Chip Noble, Noble); 3. Blackhawk Lookout (Jacy Dailey, Herb Levan); 4. Lil Camcoder (Michael Smith, Smith).
Race 2 (2-year-old colt trot): 1. Little Bit of Choo (Roy Burns, Robert Ward); 2. Cyclone Storm (Ed Greeno Jr., Ed Greeno Sr.); 3. Lu’s Neely (Ron Randall, Randall); 4. American Superstar (Greeno Jr., Greeno Sr.); 5. Ahhsome Train (Noble, Richard Kirby); 6. Bubba’s Bustn Out (Noble, Scott MoGan); 7. Stanley Begonia (Jason Haynes, Sherald Haynes).
Race 3 (2-year-old filly pace): 1. Lucky L (Jack Dailey, Herb LeVan); 2. Brandi Mayree (TBA, Brian Georges); 3. Nancy’s Stictches (Noble, Noble); 4. Last Sam Standing (Noble, Noble); 5. Frisk ‘Em Gator (Mary Birkhold, Birkhold).
Race 4 (2-year-old filly trot): 1. Iron Princess (Randall, Randall); 2. Sweet Ascan Be (Kevin Beckstedt, Ron Wulber); 3. Fast Talkin Kate (Richelle Kelly, Jerry Roberts); 4. Hooray USA (Greeno Jr., Greeno Sr.); 5. Santa Fe Lady (Jack Dailey, RJ Brown).
Race 5 (3-year-old maiden pace): 1. Artist From Above (Tyler Rush, Tim Ignarski); 2. Ima Bella (TBA, David Hufford); 3. Easter Bay (Greg Straub, Becky Nichols); 4. ROI (Sam Boble, Gail Impson).
Race 6 (Signature series trot): 1. Herbie L (Burns, Herb Levan); 2. Jestabrute (Skip DeMull, DeMull); 3. Tory (Jim Larrabee, Larrabee); 4. This Sands Hot (John Konesry, Konesry); 5. Kaynes Train (To be announced, Ed Bibler); 6. Mystery Ringer (Tyler Rush, Indalecio Arriaga); 7. Holdie L (Dailey, LeVan).
Race 1 (3-year-old filly trot): 1. Coverlet (Ron Steck, Steck); 2. Valeries Dream (Kenny Edwards, Edwards); 3. It’s Pay Day (Burns, Burns); 4. Sunrise Rosebud (Darrell Rush, Rush).
Race 2 (3-year old filly pace): 1. Vanga Medo Mindale (Tyler Rush, Mike Evans); 2. Yellow Springs (Mark Winters Sr., Winters Sr.); 3. Sam’s Silly Lily (Duke Sugg, Bill Webb); 4. BJ’s Golden Girl (Rush, Rush); 5. Friskie Jet (Winters Sr., Winters Sr.); 6. Cheat Sheet (Noble, Noble).
Race 3 (3-year-old colt trot): 1. Chet and Spanky (Noble, Dailey); 2. Windsong Lynn (Pierce Henry, Lee Newcomer); 3. Way So Fast (Burns, Burns); 4. Hometown (Kevin Beckstedt, Ron Wulber); 5. Flashy Cash (Dailey, Newcomer); 6. Jack of Hearts (Hugh Beatty, Beatty).
Race 4 (3-year-old colt pace): 1. Retrieve Forever (Ryan Stahl, Brian Brown); 2. Hanky L (Dailey, LeVan); 3. Independent Spirit (Keith Kash Jr., Pat Karcher); 4. My Last Chance (Sam Noble, Noble); 5. Say it Ain’t Soho (Tyler Rush, Darrell Rush).
Race 5 (3-year-old maidens): 1. Amazing Marie (Cody Greeno, Ed Greeno Sr.); 2. Sedustrees (Keith Kash Jr., Karcher); 3. One Black Beauty (Greeno Jr., Greeno Sr.).
Race 6 (Sandusky River Pace): 1. Windy City Ron (Brady Galliers, Scott Christner); 2. Jumpen Jack J (Kash Jr., Karcher); 3. Sea Change (Tyler Rush, Kyle McClung); 4. Rosie L (Phil Davey, Rhonda Patrick); 5. Legacy’s Best (TBA, Georges).
Race 7 (Sandusky River Pace): 1. Show Me Glory (Evans, Evans); 2. Cyu Later (Winters Sr., Winters Sr.); 3. Caramel Dumpling (Dailey, LeVan); 4. Remember (Kash Jr., Karcher); 5. Camm Yankee (Zach Henry, Ben Davis).

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