Letter to Daily Chief readers

The Daily Chief-Union has received several phone calls about articles detailing allegations of misconduct against Upper Sandusky Middle School Assistant Principal Mike Walton. It is DC-U policy to run information from every police report. The stories were not a personal attack on Mr. Walton. They told of allegations against a public official and as a newspaper, it’s the DC-U’s responsibility to make the public aware of such allegations. The DC-U would handle allegations against any public official brought to its attention in the same manner.
The DC-U waited until a criminal investigation by the Upper Sandusky Police Department and the Wyandot County Prosecutor’s Office was completed before any details were published. All of the details in the story are a complete account as listed in the official police report, which is a public document. Other information came from a USPD detective, the prosecutor’s office and school officials.
Wednesday’s article was not meant, as some readers have suggested, to be an additional attack, but rather as the official close and announcement that authorities found no wrongdoing on Walton’s behalf. It would be wrong of the DC-U to report the allegations and not report the conclusion of the investigations and leave the readers to conclude Mr. Walton was going to have charges filed against him.
Mr. Walton’s side of the story was not included in the article because he was not interviewed by the police. Mr. Walton was given an opportunity to tell his side of the story to the DC-U and that invitation is still open if he would like to do so.
The complainants were not named in the story because it is the DC-U’s policy not to name alleged victims in any case, especially when they are children. By identifying the parent who made the complaint, that would have identified the child.
The DC-U will continue its mission to keep the public informed of local news, both good and bad.

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