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18 active COVID cases reported Tuesday in Wyandot County


On Tuesday, Wyandot County Public Health reported 18 active cases of COVID-19 in Wyandot County. Five people are currently hospitalized for COVID-19. 

The cumulative case count since March 2020 is 6,598. This includes 4,740 lab-confirmed cases and 1,858 probable cases. Of the reported individuals, there have been 380 hospitilizations, 111 deaths, and 6,467 individuals have been released from isolation.

Wyandot County’s community level per the CDC is low (green). Prevention recommendations include staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations, including recommended booster doses. Individuals should avoid contact with people who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and follow recommendations for what to do when exposed to someone with COVID-19. Follow recommendations for isolation when COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed. Those at high risk should wear a high-quality mask when indoors in public.

Open COVID-19 vaccine clinics offering Moderna are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays at Wyandot County Public Health. 

As of 2 p.m. Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health has reported 3,339,612 confirmed and probable cases, 135,273 hospitalizations, and 41,249 Ohio resident deaths.

For additional statewide case information, visit coronavirus.ohio.gov.


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