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School Lunch Menus: Aug 21-25


East, St. Peter and South Elementary Schools

Wed.: hamburger w/bun, cheese slice, green beans, baby carrots, diced peaches, cookie.

Thu.: corn dog, baked beans, romaine salad, slushie.

Fri.: pepperoni pizza slice, steamed corn, carrots w/dip, mixed fruit.

Mohawk School

Tues.: chicken nuggets, Malibu veggies, rice, applesauce cup, whole-grain roll.

Wed.: pepperoni pizza, tossed salad, fresh carrots, oranges.

Thu.: hamburger sandwich, apple slices, corn, cheese stick.

Fri.: Bosco stick w/marinara cup, broccoli, peaches, cookie.

Union School

Wed.: hot dog w/bun, french fries, baked beans, mixed fruit.

Thu.: chicken nuggets, gravy, romaine salad, applesauce.

Fri.: pepperoni pizza, steamed broccoli, carrots w/dip, diced peaches.

Upper Sandusky High School — East Line

Wed.: Bosco sticks w/marinara sauce or hot dog w/bun, green beans, fresh vegetable choice.

Thu.: cheese pizza or barbecue pulled pork w/bun, baked beans fresh vegetable choice.

Fri.: chicken fryze w/roll or cheeseburger w/bun, corn, fresh vegetable choice.


All meals are served with milk.

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