Concerned over funding

Dear Editor:
Happy New Year for those desperately in need. Quite a surprise and shock to us all after reading in the paper the Sycamore One Fund Drive receipts for 2013 were strictly given to Sycamore charities and organizations, cutting out the rest of Wyandot County.
This sounds fine for Sycamore, but I can’t see only one charity that could be considered a real need — that being the Sycamore United Church of Christ food bank. All the others were “wants,” not real “needs.”
With the help of many, I started out the Wyandot County Council for Birth Defects in 1985 and have been a member for 27 years, retiring last year. That combined with 23 years with the March of Dimes totals 50 years of service.
I really feel as though we are being penalized for some reason, as we are a Wyandot County organization. We have helped a number of people with birth defects in Sycamore the area over the years. I wonder what we should do now if we get an application and request from a Sycamore resident for medical assistance? Should we advise them to contact Kim Mohr and the One Fund Drive directors? Or should we do as we have always done, which we will continue regardless, to assist that resident the best way we can?
It was very generous of the people of Sycamore and  the area in their fund drive giving as they always do, but I think that board should have thought of other organizations that are desperately in need of help, considering  the fact that the Carey and Upper Sandusky chapters of United Way disbanded, leaving no funding available.
Our organization helps the clients in need, mainly with medical needs. The organization works with Angeline school, Crippled Children and the Wyandot County health nurse, who is also is a board member. The group does its best to help those in need.
The Wyandot County Council for Birth Defects has always appreciated your help in the past and still needs it now. It is the group’s hope the One Fund Drive board will review their decision for the 2014 drive and possibly make some changes.
As founder and past member of the birth defects council, I feel very dissatisfied and saddened with the selfish decision made by the 2013 One Fund Drive board. I realize this is your fund drive and funds can be used and disbursed as you see fit. But I feel a wrong decision was made. This is my feeling and concern.

Richard J. Gibson
Upper Sandusky

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