USDA extends FSA reporting deadline

Farmers and landowners have an additional 18 days to submit their annual reports of acreage to the Wyandot County Farm Service Agency office, with the deadline extended from July 15 to Aug. 2.
Only the FSA reporting deadline has been extended. The acreage reporting requirement for crop insurance has not changed and remains July 15.
Accurate acreage reports are necessary to determine and maintain eligibility for various programs, such as the direct and counter-cyclical program or DCP, the average crop revenue election program or ACRE, the conservation reserve program or CRP and the non-insured crop disaster assistant program or NAP.
FSA acreage reports are considered timely this year when filed at the county office by the new applicable final crop reporting deadline. Producers should contact the Wyandot County FSA office at 419-294-2127 if they are uncertain about reporting deadlines.
The 2012 ACRE production deadline also has been extended to Aug. 2. Those who are unsure if they completed the task should contact the Wyandot County FSA office.
Producers that have turned in marked maps will be notified when that information is loaded and ready to sign. Those who have not turned in maps should do so by the Aug. 2 deadline.
Producers should contact the Wyandot County FSA office to make an appointment to complete acreage reporting for FSA.
For more information on FSA programs, contact the Wyandot County FSA office or visit

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