Wyandot County Fair names culinary award winners

CANNED FRUIT (quart Jars)
BEST OF SHOW: Judy Rowland
APPLESAUCE: 1st Judy Rowland
CHERRIES-red sweet: 1st Judy Rowland
GRAPE JUICE: 1st Judy Rowland
PEACHES, yellow:1st Joann Alkire, 2nd Kent Wheeler
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name:1st Janis Wickham
BEST OF CLASS: Katie Miller
BEANS-green-string: 1st Kent Wheeler, 2nd Mark Reed, 3rd Joann Alkire
BEANS-yellow wax: 1st Katie Miller
BEETS: 1st Mark Reed, 2nd Sylvia Conner
CARROTS: 1st Katie Miller, 2nd Christine Vent, 3rd Mark Reed
CORN (any variety):1st Katie Miller, 2nd Mark Reed
POTATOES-white: 3rd Juli Weininger
SAUERKRAUT: 1st Katie Miller, 2nd Christine Vent
TOMATOES-whole red: 1st Berny Billock, 2nd Judy Rowland
TOMATO JUICE: 1st Reta Hackworth, 2nd Jessica Beck, 3rd Katie Miller
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Kent Wheeler
MEAT (quart jars)
BEEF: 1st Mary Boyce, 2nd Judy Rowland, 3rd Christine Vent
CHICKEN: 1st Christine Vent
VEGETABLE SOUP w/MEAT: 1st Judy Rowland
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Judy Rowland
BUTTER-JAMS and JELLIES (jelly jars and no parafin)
BEST IN CLASS: Katie Miller
APPLE BUTTER: 1st Jessica Beck
BLACKBERRY JAM: 1st Katie Miller, 2nd Cora Belle Morgan
PEACH JAM: 1st Katie Miller, 2nd Jeanne Beck, 3rd Bailey Morgan
RASPBERRY JAM-red: 1st Jessica Beck, 2nd Katie Miller
RASPBERRY JAM-black: 1st Jessica Beck, 2nd Mark Reed
ANY JAM NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Jeanne Beck, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Mark Reed
BLACKBERRY JELLY: 1st Patricia Reidel, 2nd Rose Hawkins
ELDERBERRY JELLY: 1st Patricia Reidel
GRAPE JELLY: 1st Sylvia Conner, 2nd Judy Rowland, 3rd Cora Belle Morgan
RASPBERRY JELLY-red: 1st Juli Weininger, 2nd Joe Weininger
ANY JELLY NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Sylvia Conner, 2nd Paula Ritter, 3rd Joann Alkire
BEST OF CLASS: Christine Vent
DILL PICKLES: 1st Joann Alkire, 2nd Lauren Bush, 3rd Paula Ritter
BEETS-pickled: 1st Christine Vent, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Joann Alkire
BREAD and BUTTER PICKLES: 1st Joann Alkire, 2nd Christine Vent, 3rd Jesse Passet
PICKLE RELISH: 1st Mike Roszman, 2nd Reta Hackworth, 3rd Christine Vent
VEGETABLE RELISH: 1st Paula Ritter
TOMATO CATSUP: 1st Patricia Riedel
SALSA: 1st Mike Roszman, 2nd Andra Vanderpool, 3rd Paula Ritter
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Joann Alkire, 2nd Michelle Niederhouser
BEST OF CLASS: Berny Billock
DRIED FRUIT (1 quart): 1st Berny Billock
DRIED VEGETABLES: 1st Joann Alkire
HONEY-extracted-3 pounds: 1st Judy Pendergast, 2nd Don Wilson, 3rd Levi Hartschuh
HONEY-comb-3 pounds: 1st Don Wilson
1 DOZEN EGGS-brown: 1st Teresa Amert, 2nd Berny Billock, 3rd Juli Weininger
ANYTHING NOT LISTED: 1st Levi Hartschuh
SR CANDIES (7 pieces)
BEST OF CLASS: Sylvia Conner
CARAMEL: 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Laura Young
CHOCOLATE FUDGE: 1st Sylvia Conner, 2nd Christine Vent, 3rd Denise Schroeder
PEANUT BRITTLE: 1st Ann LaBolt, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Judy Rowland
PEANUT CLUSTERS: 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Carolyn Ruth, 3rd Sylvia Conner
HARD TACK: 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Mark Reed
PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE: 1st Christine Vent, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Susie Hamman
TOFFEE: 1st Judy Rowland
BUCKEYES: 1st Denise Schroeder, 2nd Cheryl Crawford, 3rd Mary Boyce
ANY KIND NOT LISTED (must name): 1st Laura Young, 2nd Martha Denny, 3rd Christine Vent
JR CANDIES (7 pieces)
BEST OF CLASS: Levi Hartschuh
MINTS: 1st Levi Hartschuh
HOMEMADE BREAD-quick breads
BEST OF CLASS: Judy Rowland
BANANA BREAD: 1st Teresa Amert, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Cora Belle Morgan
CORN BREAD: 1st Denise Schroeder, 2nd June Eier, 3rd Jennie McCleary
RAISIN BREAD: 1st June Eier
NUT BREAD: 1st Carolyn Ruth
ZUCCHINI BREAD: 1st Andrea Vanderpool, 2nd Adeline Kilbride, 3rd Mark Reed
PUMPKIN BREAD: 1st Jackie Counts, 2nd Carolyn Ruth, 3rd June Eier
WHITE BREAD: 1st June Eier, 2nd Lisa Merwine, 3rd Andrea Vanderpool
WHOLE WHEAT BREAD: 1st Berny Billock, 2nd June Eier, 3rd Andrea Vanderpool
GINGERBREAD: 2nd Andrea Vanderpool
BREAKFAST ROLLS-7 on display: 1st June Eier
CLOVERLEAF (7): 1st Jennie McCleary, 2nd Lisa Barnes
BISCUITS (7): 1st Laura Young, 2nd Dale Wolfe, 3rd Andrea Vanderpool
APPLE DUMPLINGS (7): 1st Judy Rowland
COFFEECAKE: 1st Laura Young, 2nd Denise Schroeder, 3rd Rochelle Brake
MUFFINS-any variety -(must name, 7 on display: 1st June Eier, 2nd Teresa Amert, 3rd Andrea Vanderpool
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name-rolls, 7 on display: 1st Holly Johnson, 2nd June Eier, 3rd Marilyn Bohs
JR HOMEMADE BREAD-quick breads
PUMPKIN BREAD: 1st Emma White, 2nd Katie Homberg
BEST OF CLASS: Stephanie Wheeler
ANGEL FOOD-any flavor, no frosting: 1st Andra Vanderpool, 2nd Jeanne Beck, 3rd Judy Rowland
CARROT: 1st Reta Hackworth, 2nd Stephanie Wheeler, 3rd Cora Belle Morgan
DEVIL’S FOOD: 1st Nola Wheeler, 2nd Kent Wheeler, 3rd Sylvia Conner
GERMAN CHOCOLATE: 1st Stephanie Wheeler
SPICE: 1st Nola Wheeler
CHIFFON: 1st Andrea Vanderpool, 2nd Jennie McCleary
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Stephanie Wheeler, 2nd Nola Wheeler, 3rd June Eier
DEVIL’S FOOD: 1st Nadia English
BUNDT: 1st Levi Hartschuh
ANY KIND NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Emma White
SR COOKIES-7 on display-no frosting
BEST OF CLASS: Susie Hamman
BUTTERSCOTCH: 1st Jessica Beck, 2nd Sylvia Conner, 3rd Susie Hamman
CHOCOLATE CHIP: 1st Stephanie Wheeler, 2nd Judy Rowland, 3rd Susie Hamman
NO BAKE: 1st Katie Miller, 2nd Denise Schroeder, 3rd Holly Johnson
GINGER: 1st Susie Hamman
LEMON: 1st Lisa Horning, 2nd Susie Hamman
OATMEAL: 1st Dale Wolfe, 2nd Stephanie Logsdon, 3rd Michelle Niederhouser
PEANUT BUTTER: 1st Dale Wolfe, 2nd Lisa Horning, 3rd Carolyn Ruth
SUGAR: 1st Stephanie Wheeler, 2nd Susie Hamman, 3rd Michelle Niederhouser
MOLASSES: 1st Dale Wolfe, 2nd Berny Billock
BROWNIES-butterscotch: 1st Susie Hamman, 2nd Sylvia Conner
BROWNIES-chocolate: 1st Sylvia Conner, 2nd Stephanie Wheeler, 3rd Berny Billock
HOLIDAY COOKIE-Baker’s Choice: 1st Laura Young, 2nd Denise Schroeder, 3rd Susie Hamman
ANY COOKIE NOT LISTED: 1st Nola Wheeler, 2nd Lisa Horning, 3rd Tyler Counts
JR COOKIES-7 on display, no frosting
BEST OF CLASS: Hayden Horning
CHOCOLATE CHIP: 1st Hayden Horning, 2nd Taylor Dunlap, 3rd Levi Hartschuh
NO BAKE: 1st Taylor Dunlap
GINGER: 1st Levi Hartschuh
LEMON: 1st Hayden Horning
OATMEAL: 1st Taylor Dunlap, 2nd Emma White
PEANUT BUTTER: 1st Taylor Dunlap, 2nd Hayden Horning
SUGAR: 1st Levi Hartschuh
MOLASSES: 1st Levi Hartschuh
BROWNIES-Chocolate: 1st Taylor Dunlap
ANY COOKIE NOT LISTED: 1st Levi Hartschuh, 2nd Hayden Horning
SR PIES, aluminum pie pan only
BEST OF CLASS: Nola Wheeler
APPLE: 1st Teresa Amert, 2nd Judy Rowland, 3rd Julie Herring
BLACKBERRY: 1st Jessica Beck, 2nd Dale Wolfe
RASPBERRY-red or black: 1st Cora Belle Morgan, 2nd Judy Rowland
CHERRY: 1st Jessica Beck, 2nd Kelly Menningen, 3rd Karon Dilley
PECAN: 1st Nola Wheeler, 2nd Dale Wolfe
ANY CREAM PIE: 1st Karon Dilley, 2nd Stephanie Wheeler, 3rd Susie Hamman
ANY PIE NOT LISTED-must name: 1st Dale Wolfe, 2nd Laura Young, 3rd Stephanie Wheeler
BEST OF CLASS: Laura Young
BAKED-plain: 1st Denise Schroeder
SPRING-FORM-plain: 1st Stephanie Wheeler, 2nd Denise Schroeder
SPRING-FORM-fancy: 1st Laura Young, 2nd Dorothy Pool
BEST OF CLASS: Allie Allgyre
ANY DECORATED CAKE: 1st Allie Allgyre, 2nd Kylee Sparks
DECORATED CAKES-professional
BEST OF CLASS: Norma Chatfield
“GENERATIONS OF FUN”: 1st Norma Chatfield, 2nd Dorothy Pool, 3rd Mark Reed
ANY DECORATED CAKE: 1st Norma Chatfield, 2nd Dorothy Pool, 3rd Mark Reed

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