Harness racing set at fair

Harness racing is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday at the Wyandot County Fair.

Eight races are set for the first day with seven scheduled Thursday.

Entrants are listed with their driver and trainer.


Race 1 (WOCRA): 1. Friskie Darlin (Jay Weller, Jayne Weller); 2. Playa Del Sol (Jack Dailey, Jim Dailey); 3. Medowland Kendolin (TBA, Mike Medors); 4. Juanita L (Roy Burns, Herb LeVan); 5. Feelin Flirty (Mark Winters Sr., Jeff Smith).

Race 2 (2-year-old filly trot): 1. Hot Chip (Ja. Dailey, Ji. Daily); 2. Maggie L (Burns, LeVan); 3. Reins to Victory (Winters Sr., Winters Sr.); 4. Royal Ruby (Burns, Ron Wulber); 6. DJ Rosie (Burns, Jim Arledge Jr.).

Race 3 (2-year-old colt): 1. Mr Fix It Elwood (Ja. Dailey, Christy Pokornowski); 2. Really Deep Chip (Ja. Dailey, Ji. Dailey); 3. Mac and Chips (Hugh Beatty, Beatty); 4. Kaptain Ohio (Burns, Arledge Jr.).

Race 4 (2-year-old pace late closer, 3-year-old maidens): 1. Chuck’s Out Joggin (Burns, Burns); 2. Summer Town (Gerry Bookmyer, Bookmyer); 3. Noah’s Winner (Kacey Burns, R. Burns); 4. This Is Why I Drink (TBA, Pat Karcher).

Race 5 (2-year-old colt pace): 1. RC Friskie (TBA, Pokornowski); 2. D Tom Cat (Pierce Henry, Devan Miller); 3. Fire Valley (R. Burns, Arledge Jr.); 4. Three Beans (Ja. Dailey, Winters Sr.); 5. Danger Storm (Beatty, Winters Sr.).

Race 6 (2-year-old colt pace): 1. R U Feelin Fast Charlie (Ja. Dailey, Winters Sr.); 2. Deanariffic (R. Burns, LeVan); 3. Logan County Ralph (Ja. Dailey, Richard Graham); 4. Final Retrieve (Henry, Miller); 5. Moon Express (Ja. Dailey, Winters Sr.).

Race 7 (Robert H. Brown Memorial SS Trot): 1. Signing Ember (Ja. Dailey, Ja. Dailey); 2. Bristol (Skip DeMull, DeMull); 3. BS Maximum Moon Dream (Brady Galiers, Debby Clayton); 4. Cody Coy (Patrica Rothhaar, Rothhaar); 5. Future Night Train (Mike Kirby, Richard Kirby); 6. Herbie L (R. Burns, LeVan).

Race 8 (Robert H. Brown Memorial SS Trot): 1. Mystery Ringer (TBA, Indalicio Arriago); 2. Jest A Brute (DeMull, DeMull); 3. Brother Gus (Michael Smith, Mark Rowe); 4. I’ll Tell You What (Galliers, Clayton); 5. Can’t Lose (Ty Van Rhoden, Van Rhoden).


Race 1 (2-year-old trot late closer, 3-year-old maidens): 1. ST Margaret (TBA, Bob Boggs); 2. One Black Beauty (Ed Greeno Jr., Greeno Jr.); 3. Moochin Off Sam (Gail Impson, Impson); 4. Buzzen Garland (Jack Marsh, Marsh); 5. She’s Uncorked (Greeno Jr., Greeno Jr.); 6. Ella N Sam (TBA, Curt Massie); 7. Get Away Chip (R. Burns, R. Burns).

Race 2 (3-year-old filly pace): 1. Rosy Fire (TBA, Winters Sr.); 2. Last Sam Standing (Mike Pokornowski, C. Pokornowski); 3. Lucky L (Ja. Dailey, LeVan); 4. Nancy’s Stitches (Tyler Rush, Brian Georges); 5. Frisk Em Gator (R. Burns, Mary Birkhold); 6. Brandi Mayree (Rush, Georges); 7. RK’s Zipcode (M. Smith, Rowe).

Race 3 (3-year-old filly trot): 1. Majestic Dream (R. Burns, Arledge Jr.); 2. Do Hooray (Hunter Myers, Mike Myers); 3. Santa Fe Lady (Winters Sr., R.J. Brown); 4. Autumn Estelle (Beatty, Beatty); 5. Sweet As Can Be (R. Burns, Ron Wulber); 6. Dellou (Ja. Dailey, Jim Lupton); 7. Lily H Donno (Greeno Jr., Greeno Jr.).

Race 4 (3-year-old colt pace Fritz Cassel Pace): 1. Lil Cam Coder (M. Smith, M. Smith); 2. Blackhawk Lookout (Ja. Dailey, LeVan); 3. Feelin Speedy (TBA, B. Brown); 4. Lawyer Up (Rush, Becky Zulkoff).

Race 5 (3-year-old colt trot): 1. DJ Moe (R. Burns, Arledge Jr.); 2. Mainstreet Willy (Ja. Dailey, Zulkoff); 3. Full Point (R. Burns, Wulber); 4. Hope Hooray (R. Burns, Rick Martindale); 5. Ahhsometrain (Kirby, Kirby); 6. Littlebitochee (Beatty, Beatty); 7. Stanley Begonia (Jason Haynes, Sherald Haynes); 8. Can’tcutthatchip (Ja. Dailey, Ji. Dailey).

Race 6 (Sandusky River Pace Signature Series Pace): 1. Charliesfastcat (Chad Clark, Clark); 2. Chipchompinchampion (Ja. Dailey, Ji. Dailey); 3. Hankie L (Ja. Dailey, LeVan); 4. Follow Through (Pat Karcher, Karcher); 5. Draft Bunny (Dale Decker, Decker); 6. Cyalater (TBA, Winters Sr.); 7. Jumpin Jack J (Karcher, Karcher).

Race 7 (Sandusky River Pace Signature Series Pace): 1. Demanding Force (Brady Galliers, Galliers); 2. Papaknowsbest (Karcher, Karcher); 3. T Red (TBA, Henry Gulley); 4. Remember (Karcher, Karcher); 5. Caramel Dumpling (R. Burns, LeVan); 6. Stand Tall (Winters Sr., Winters Sr.).

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