At-home chefs win prizes for sweet, savory concoctions at county fair

HOT WINGS (one dozen hot wings, any kind): 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Steve Schuster
ONE CRUST PIE (all kinds, one crust-including creams & custards): 1st Karen Dilley, 2nd Stephanie Wheeler, 3rd Judy Rowland
MEN ONLY, TWO CRUST PIE (two crust pie, any kind): 1st Steve Schuster, 2nd Jeran Pollack
FRUIT COBBLER (one cobbler of choice): 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Stephanie Wheeler
CUPCAKE CONTEST (6 cupcakes): 1 st Stephanie Wheeler, 2nd Judy Rowland, 3rd Nancy Young
BEAN SOUP (one pot) 1st Judy Rowland, 2nd Cora Belle Morgan
UPSIDE DOWN CAKE (one upside down cake): 1st Judy Rowland

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